Matt Voigt started working at RBX studio in 1992 where he worked on ad’s, doco’s, jazz bands and recording the Freeza battle of the band winners.

After a nearly 2 years of this Matt moved to the famous Sing Sing recording studios where he learned production and recording from some of the worlds best in Nick Launay, Nick Dadia, Tom Lord-Alge, Victor Van Vugt, and many other acclaimed local producers.

Through this time Matt was a part of the making of classic albums like The living End debut album and Powderfinger Odyssey No.5 to name a few, plus producing, recording and mixing projects himself for Cat Power (Moon Pix), The Dirty Three (Praise Soundtrack), The Nation Blue (Protest Songs & Rising Waters), The Blackeyed Susans (Shangri-La), Oh Mercy (Privileged Woes) and Big Scary (At the mercy of the elements & Four Seasons) and The Smith Street Band (Sunshine & Technology).

Matt is passionate about producing high quality recordings in many different styles and is focused on great songs and performances as the key to success.

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